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    Astrology Fundamentals

    Ready to take your astrology learning to the next level? Master the foundation of birth chart interpretation in our Mindbodygreen course Astrology Fundamentals. Learn at…
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    Birth Chart Basics

    Learn to read a birth chart in 30 minutes! Decode the "3-part puzzle" of the astrology chart and understand its basic components (planets, zodiac signs and houses) one at a time. Finally understand what that starmap and all its symbols mean. Includes downloadable worksheets and a printable astrology symbols bookmark to keep handy as you master them.
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    The Jupiter Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Luck, Abundance and Risk-Taking with Your Jupiter Sign Welcome to Jupiter, the most hedonistic destination in the solar system! Here,…
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    The Lunar Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Emotions, Desires & Self-Care with Your Moon Sign Come on in for a lunar landing! If the tide is high…
  • 2 Lessons

    The Mars Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Motivation, Lust & Leadership with Your Mars Sign Welcome to Mars, where the air is charged with passion and excitement.…
  • 2 Lessons

    The Mercury Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Communication, Mobility & Social Life with Your Mercury Sign Choose your own adventure…and don’t just settle for one stop. Welcome…
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    The Neptune Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Dreams, Healing & Boundaries with Your Neptune Sign Dance on over to Neptune with us, where life is a waking…
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    The Pluto Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Transformation, Investments & Bonding with Your Pluto Sign Passion! Intrigue! Seductive allure! You’ll find all that and more on this…
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    The Saturn Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Resilience, Wisdom and Power with Your Saturn Sign In astrology, your Saturn sign represents your ambition, leadership and stamina. It’s…
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    The Uranus Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Liberation, Innovation & Community with Your Uranus Sign Welcome to our Planetary Pocket Course, the Uranus edition. In this mini-course…
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    The Venus Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Wealth, Beauty & Love with Your Venus Sign In this course you’ll learn:• How to find Venus in your chart•…