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The 3 Phases of Soul-Centered Entrepreneurship

When you have a mission-driven business, the process of launching often requires tuning into your soul first. Here are 3 steps every soul-centered entrepreneur can take to make a confident debut in the marketplace.

The three phases are Visioning, Messaging and Offerings. 

Knowing which one you’re in can help you allocate time, money and resources—crucial things that are often in short supply when you’re developing a business. 

In this clip from our webinar How to Use Astrology to Start and Scale Your Business, we explain the three phases and what each requires.


Which phase is your business in now?

The 3 Phases are:

The starry-eyed phase, when you’re all excited about “the thing” that’s going to change people’s lives, but you don’t really know how to articulate it gracefully yet.

You’ve gained some facility at explaining your business idea. Now it’s time to start reaching potential customers with a soul-stirring message and a visual story to support it.

How will you share your talents, gifts and services? What should you charge? How should you position yourself among similar offerings in the marketplace. In what format should you roll out your products?

Once you get these key pieces of your business in place, you can confidently scale your brand. You might decide to grow by developing new offerings, reaching out to new markets and partnering with complementary brands that connect you to their audiences.

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