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Craft your perfect path, whether you’re a total beginner, a practicing pro or anyplace in between.


Astrology Foundations

If your life was a movie, your astrology chart would be the master script. In Become Your Own Astrologer Level 1 – Foundations (completion required to join all other levels), you will learn what every part of your birth chart means and how to use it to find your purpose and fulfill your potential. Stop being a spectator and become the Executive Director of your own life! 



Learn predictive astrology to map out the brightest future you can! BYOA Level 2: Oracles (June 1 – July 27, 2024) focuses on timing and transit charts, relationship charts, relocation charts and advanced charts like returns and secondary progressions. Prerequisite: Astrology Foundations

Level 3

Practitioners Posse

Want to get certified as a professional astrologer or infuse astrology into your career, brand or business? Apply for a coveted space in our Practitioners Posse, a small cohort that will be personally mentored by Ophi and Tali in business, marketing and developing your practice. Find your unique niche in the astrology world and make money doing what you love!