Astro-Tarot Ritual: 8-8 Lion’s Gate

AUGUST 8, 2023  |  8PM ET

Lion's Gate Tarot

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What’s the significance of 8-8?

August 8 (8-8) is a day of abundance! 

As the Leo Sun, the Earth, Sirius (AKA “the spiritual Sun”) and Orion’s Belt form their yearly alignment, opening up “the lion’s gate” to the cosmos. And in 2023, this gate opens in the middle of Venus retrograde in Leo. Talk about a spiritual, creative and romantic download!

In honor of this moment, join us for an IG LIVE astro-tarot manifestation ritual. Bring your cards or watch along as we draw a custom tarot spread we designed to harness this transformational energy! 8-8 at 8PM

Win the Orion’s Belt Ring from Catori Life

Orion's Belt

Power 𓂀 Protection 𓂀 Creativity 𓂀 Strength

Evoke the starlight pathway of summer with a ring that mirrors the belt of Orion! Bronze ring set with black spinel, a stone of power, protection and centering that enhances communication and creativity

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