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Black Friday 2020 Bundle: Digital

$99.00 $19.99

In this Bundle:

A digital (PDF) copy of the 2020 Horoscope — plus a complimentary Starstruck ticket!

You’ll receive an email with download instructions and a link on the thank-you page. 

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  • The AstroTwins’ 2020 Horoscope PDF version — Download instantly and start reading now! (24.95 value)
  • A free ticket to STARSTRUCK: 2020 Global Astrology Summit (January 2020) featuring top astrologers Susan Miller, Aliza Kelly, Nadiya Shah and many others divining the new decade with The AstroTwins! ($79 value)
PLUS: 2 More Bonus Gifts
  • 2020 Moon Phases Calendar (PDF/digital)
  • 2020 Earth Element Meditation — a guided astrology-inspired meditation from our resident musician, the Lady of Lightning!

The AstroTwins’ 2020 Horoscope Guide is a must-have cosmic roadmap to the entire year—and the brand-new decade. Discover what key opportunities the stars have in store for your sign (and all 12 signs) in love, career, personal growth and wellness. Never miss an important date, from new and full moons to eclipses and retrogrades—to a rare transit that hasn’t happened since 1518! Plus: a 2020 Numerology forecast, Chinese horoscope and major astrological trends for the next decade. This 580-page book is chock full of empowering advice to help you live your best life now!

Plan it by the planets: A book you’ll check all year long!

  • In-depth astrology forecasts for the entire year
  • What’s happening on THIS planet? The 2020 global astrology forecast on relationships, politics, the economy, fashion and more
  • The essential cycles for love and relationships—and how to navigate Venus and Mars retrograde in 2020
  • Monthly Hotspot Dates for Love & Career, mapped out
  • Retrograde, Eclipses, New & Full Moons—plus major planetary movements that will shape your year
  • Chinese Astrology & Numerology for 2020

Plus: A ticket to Starstruck: 2020 Global Astrology Summit!

2020 Global Astrology Summit

Your book comes with a complimentary ticket to STARSTRUCK: The 2020 Global Astrology Summit (value $49.97). Join us and a galaxy of our favorite astrologers—including Susan Miller, Sam Reynolds, Aliza Kelly and many others—for an epic series of recorded conversations that will guide you into a brand new decade!

Praise for the AstroTwins’ Horoscope Guide

Emma Roberts
“I’m obsessed with the AstroTwins! I rely on their Planetary Planner for guidance. They’re my go-to source for astrological insight!”
— Emma Roberts

marie forleo
“Their intuition is off the charts and they’ve become one of my ‘secret business weapons.’ I cannot recommend them enough!”
— Marie Forleo

elizabeth gilbert
The AstroTwins are a walking pair of wisdom adventurers. Amazing!
— Elizabeth Gilbert

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