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The essential summer school for launching your soul-centered business.

Marie Forleo
B-School Astropreneurs - The AstroTwins

Can you do what you love
AND make a living from it?

Yes, absolutely!

We know because we spent the last two decades turning our passion for astrology into a 7-figure global business.

Sure, it feels great to tell you that—but we didn’t arrive here overnight. Like every eager entrepreneur, we tried a lot of things. Some worked like a charm; others were a series of stops and starts. There were times we wanted to quit or didn’t know how we’d fund the next phase of development.

Luckily there was one map that kept us from driving off the road…


Understanding the planetary placements at our time of birth gave us a cosmic blueprint for success. It allowed us to get real about our strengths and weakness. Certain things came naturally to us, like boundless Sagittarius enthusiasm and the transformational powers of four Scorpio planets. 

But there were other crucial skills, like online marketing and growing an audience, that we had no idea how to master. Where could we learn those—fast?

In 2011, we found Marie Forleo’s B-School, and it changed everything.

Marie gave us the other map we needed: A complete (and fun) business training that every soul-centered business owner MUST know to succeed in the modern marketplace.

Our astrology chart showed us WHAT we needed to learn to succeed. Marie Forleo’s B-School showed us HOW to do it—while staying true to our personality and principles!

That’s why we’re pulling back the curtain on our 7-figure business and sharing all our secrets with you. We’ve teamed up with our mentor Marie Forleo to share B-Schooland our companion Astropreneurs program—for a magical summer session.

I’m so ready!

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Turn your dream into a soul-centered business...

Join B-School through our unique link and get six weeks of business + marketing training—with complimentary live access to our Astropreneurs mentorship program, tailored to your astrological chart!

By the end of this program, you will:

Map out a profit plan and start making money from your passions right away

Create a website that attracts your ideal customers and grows a loyal following

Nail your most effective communication strategy and brand messaging

Know what products and services to sell—and how much to charge for them

Harness the power of your birth chart to cut through indecision and build your business with confidence!

But above all else...

You’ll finally commit to the path that makes your soul sing!

You’ll walk away understanding what you truly want, empowered with the skills to design a business suited perfectly and uniquely to YOU.

I’m so ready!

“I love that the AstroTwins teach us how to use our charts to develop a business centered around our natural talents and passions.”
Testimonial Taylor
Taylor Cade
“After doing B-School, I feel like I have a black belt in marketing! My business had all this potential, yet I didn’t have the skills to uplevel it. Now I do.”
Testimonial Jen
Jen Cookson
Felting Artist
“I’m more clear about my goals and how to get there, more aware of my strengths. This was so refreshing and encouraging!”
Testimonial Wolfgang
Wolfgang Zilker
Quantum Energy Healer

Enrollment ends July 29. B-School begins August 2.

Join B-School through our unique link and you'll get our B-School Bonus:
Membership in our six-week Astropreneur program, where you'll learn to apply
the skills of B-School to the unique blueprint of your astrological chart.

Let’s do this!


Your success story is already written in the stars.

Here’s how we know…

We discovered astrology in our early 20s, when Ophi’s college boyfriend gifted her a birth chart. We were so amazed by it that we quickly got obsessed!

But the road to making this passion into a business was much longer.

We struggled with sleepless nights and indecision because we lacked the business skills we needed to help us grow. And there was no map!

Marie taught us how to take what we loved and build a sustainable, soul-centered business.

Since then our company’s revenue crossed the 6-figure mark, and then 7 figures. We built our hobby into a global brand with celebrity clients (we even got to read a chart for Beyonce!) and 10 million readers each month.

People have asked us for years, “How did you do it?”

So we put together a program to show you how to make your passions into a profitable business—a unique offering guided by the stars.

You’re taking a huge step toward creating your dream life and you don’t have time, money or resources to waste.  We understand!

We’d love to support you with all we’ve learned, from the stars AND the trenches!

Ophi & Tali

Get Live Business Mentorship
From Celebrity Astrologers, The AstroTwins

Learn the system that brought us 10 million visitors a month!

AstroTwins Reading Charts


Use the exact system we followed to build Astrostyle from a hobby into a global brand. You’ll learn Marie’s six pillars of launching an online business, whether you’re a total newbie or scaling your existing brand!
  1. Map Your Profit-Making, World-Changing Plan
  2. Create a Website That Converts & Sells
  3. Design a Winning Content Strategy
  4. Increase Traffic & Amplify Your Reach
  5. Create Products & Services Customers Rave About
  6. Master Timeless Marketing to Maximize Sales & Profits
Take a full program tour of B-School >
Marie Forleo Teaching


  • Start The Right Business

  • Getting Started With WordPress, Squarespace & Shopify

  • Set Up Your Metrics & Analytics

  • Smart Marketing For Product-Based Businesses

  • How To Grow Your List At Hyper Speed

  • PR Strategies To Make You A Business Celebrity

  • Systems, Teams & Massive Productivity

  • SEO Basics: Optimize Your Site For Search
  • How To Get Fantastic Testimonials

  • Tactical Tips For Public Speaking, Videos, Media Interviews & More


B-School and Astropreneurs are yours for life! You can come back year after year for the live B-School program, and dive into the modules anytime, working at your own pace.

Marie Forleo and AstroTwins


Companion astrology teachings, designed to enhance and personalize your understanding of each of the six B-School weekly modules.


During the program, we’ll hold several livestreams to deepen your understanding of your chart. Marie will host weekly live coaching sessions from August 2 to September 10 to help you apply the curriculum. You also get access to mentor coaches who are experts in every single part of the B-School curriculum. #SoMuchSupport


All participants will have a chance to apply for one of 3 live Astro Audits where we’ll (lovingly!) review your astrological chart, branding and online presence-in-progress in one of our weekly live sessions.  

You’ll learn how to do an Astro-Audit of yourself, your team and your business for stunning clarity!


Apply the precise blueprint of your chart to:

  • Branding and design
  • Choosing a social media platform
  • Crafting your messaging and copy
  • Designing your offerings, products and services
  • Creating the entrepreneurial lifestyle that works for you!
Marie Forleo + AstroTwins


Take a program tour of B-School 

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Read success stories from Astropreneurs and B-School student reviews

Astrostyle’s B-School Story: What the program did for us

WATCH: Ophi share her B-School experience with Marie


"The AstroTwins' business readings are SPOT ON! Their insights help me make key decisions for my fast-growing company. They'll give you priceless information about yourself and your business that is both grounded and inspiring. Their intuition is off the charts and they've become one of my ‘secret business weapons.’ I cannot recommend them enough!"

—Marie Forleo, B-School Founder


Enrollment ends July 29. B-School begins August 2.

Join B-School through our unique link and you'll get our B-School Bonus:
Membership in our six-week Astropreneur program, where you'll learn to apply
the skills of B-School to the unique blueprint of your astrological chart.

Yes! Sign me up!

Reminder: To be eligible, you MUST sign up through our unique link from July 20-29.

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