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Coming August 27, 2024 from Simon & Schuster
Coming August 27, 2024 from Simon & Schuster

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Pre-Order THE ASTROLOGY ADVANTAGE and be entered to win a chart reading with The AstroTwins. Plus: get access to exclusive bonus experiences and resources!

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Get full-length natal (birth) charts, along with two types of relationship charts!

Celebrate your uniqueness with a limited-edition risograph print, handmade by our resident artist. No two are the same!

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Take an introductory spin through a few of our courses, from how to read a birth chart to Feng Shui basics. Try out our teaching style and learn a few star-powered skills!

Pre-Order The Astrology Advantage and be entered to win a chart reading with The AstroTwins. Plus: get access to exclusive bonus experiences and resources!



Learn to read birth charts in-depth or master the secrets of the solar system one planet at a time.

Learn to read astrology charts like a pro—live certification program

Now enrolling for The AstroTwins’ astrology certification course. Registration ends April 22, 2024. Program begins May 4.

We’ve opened the vault on our best-kept secrets so you can read any chart, anytime, with total confidence.

✅ Tap into our 30 years of mastery and mentorship in our exclusive community of stargazers!
✅  Learn our techniques to “speak astrology” to anyone. Our curated certification program delivers the skills you need to charge for your services or add astrology expertise to your offerings
✅ Get credentialed by ELLE Magazine’s world-renowned astrologers, The AstroTwins

Learn how to read your birth chart—planets, zodiac signs and houses—with our easy 3-part puzzle technique.

Bring health, wealth, love and happiness flowing through your front door with this Feng Shui + Astrology course.

What does your 2024 Horoscope advise about your relationships, money, career and health? Plan your entire year by the planets with the #1 bestselling yearly astrology guide from The AstroTwins, astrologers for ELLE Magazine.

From love to money and career to health and happiness, The AstroTwins deliver their spot-on and eerily accurate forecasts for every sign zodiac sign, guiding you through your 2024 astrology forecast from January to December. 


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The 10th anniversary edition of our yearly horoscope guide! The AstroTwins’ 2022 Horoscope comes in paperback, PDF or bundled for one awesome price.


Calling all mystics on a mission! Join The AstroTwins for a monthly mastermind to build a brand, business or passion project aligned with your astrological chart. 


Watch our “Create Abundance in the Year of the Water Tiger” webinar and learn how to use your element and animal archetype to thrive in 2022.


Master your birth chart—the blueprint to YOU—planet by planet. Learn astrology with us! 


Bring abundance and flow back to your home, workspace and life with Feng Shui & astrology.


Call all soul-centered entrepreneurs! The secret to success is written in your stars. 

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Demystify love, compatibility and relationships with the wisdom of astrology.