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Learn how to read your birth chart—planets, zodiac signs and houses—with our easy 3-part puzzle technique.

Bring health, wealth, love and happiness flowing through your front door with this Feng Shui + Astrology course. 

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Take an introductory spin through a few of our courses, from how to read a birth chart to Feng Shui basics. Try out our teaching style and learn a few star-powered skills!


Bring “om” back to your home with our full suite of Feng Shui lessons for every major room, your workspace, even for your closets and the classroom!


Call all soul-centered entrepreneurs! The secret to success is written in your stars. Learn your cosmic blueprint with our signature I*AM method.


Is it meant to be? Learn a new take on love, compatibility and creating relationships in the Age of Aquarius, with the wisdom of astrology.

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Learn astrology in a whole new way that’s practical and relevant to your life.

Learning astrology is fun. But learning to use it as a tool to thrive in life, love and purpose is the key to personal freedom! That’s our mission. Our courses are designed to empower your goals and put YOU in the driver’s seat of your life. Start designing your universe according to the blueprint you were born with.

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