I*AM: The 3 Success Archetypes


What’s Your Success Blueprint?

When you’re starting or scaling a business, you need to invest wisely. Time, money and energy are limited. You can’t afford to make mistakes…yet, you still need to experiment!

The I*AM system, created by celebrity astrologers The AstroTwins, helps “soul-centered entrepreneurs” launch and grow a business efficiently

Based on an algorithm that measures 13 facets of your birth chart, this clarifying method reveals whether you’re an Influencer (I), Authority (A) or Maven(M).  Find your I*AM and how it can help your business blossom.

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  1. Hi All,
    loved this ! Having issues with completion . I have finished all of the lessons for the astropreneurs IAM
    archetype and it won’t let me check off the boxes. Maybe, I have not completed it ? Loved it anyways

    1. Hi Patty! No worries – we created this as an “open course” so you could hop between the lessons at your own pace. No need to mark it as complete. But thank you for noting that, maybe we will take that button off if possible!