2021 Vision Board Experience: Live Interactive Workshop


Ready to design a path that truly fulfills you in 2021? Join us for a star-powered live online event to create success, leadership and impact in 2021
January 28, 2021 • 5:00-8:00pm EST

Hosted by The AstroTwins & Red Elephant

Your ticket includes a bonus gift: An access pass to The AstroTwins’ Jupiter Pocket Course!

Ready to design a path that truly fulfills you in 2021? Don’t leave your New Year’s goals and intentions up to chance when you can “plan it by the planets.”

The AstroTwins x Red Elephant Present
2021 Vision Board:

A star-powered event to create success, leadership and impact in 2021

JANUARY 28, 2021
5:00pm – 8:00pm ET

Calling all Mystics on a Mission! If you’re looking to develop a heart-centered project, grow an existing one or turn your passion project into your main gig, join The AstroTwins, astrologers for ELLE Magazine, and Afrin Khan, CEO of Red Elephant, for a live online event to plan, create and thrive in 2021.

This immersive workshop happens on 2021’s very first full moon—and on the “luckiest day of the year” according to astrology. January 28 is the Day of Miracles, when the Sun and visionary Jupiter make their annual conjunction (meetup), awakening our soul purpose. (And yes—we picked this date on purpose!)

Together, we’ll harness the full moon and Day of Miracles energy to invite limitless growth and abundance. Let’s make 2021 the year that you unite “who you are” with “what you do”—in a big, live-out-loud way.

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • learn The AstroTwins’ exclusive “Moon Mapping” exercise to harness every full moon in 2021
  • unlock the power of Jupiter (the “miracle maker”) in your chart
  • be guided through exercises using your astrological chart and sign
  • define a clear vision about who you are and what you stand for
  • craft an inspiring action plan you can implement right away

Bonus Gift: Tap into limitless abundance with The AstroTwins’ Jupiter Pocket Course!

vision board + jupiter bonus
For a limited time, you’ll receive complimentary access to the Jupiter Pocket Course, guided by The AstroTwins. Discover how the planet of miracles, abundance and risk-taking works in YOUR chart!

Red Elephant and AstroTwins

Learn from experts who’ve created breakthrough results doing what they love.

The AstroTwins (Ophira and Tali Edut) and Afrin Khan are female founders and CEOs who have grown their passion projects into seven-figure businesses. Now, they teach heart-centered entrepreneurs, makers and creatives how to do the same, using proven frameworks inspired by astrology, business and coaching.

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