Libra 2024 Horoscope Bundle


Plan your 2024 by the planets with this special book bundle just for Libra star signs. Includes month-by-month forecasts, journal pages and hotspot dates to keep you serene, successful and in sync with the stars.

Bundle includes:

  • Taurus 2024 Libra Horoscope Planner
  • The AstroTwins 2024 Horoscope Paperback  – the big book!
  • The AstroTwins 2024 Horoscope (PDF/digital)

Plus! Bonus gifts:

  • Replay access to 2024 Plan It By The Planets masterclass with The AstroTwins
  • Digital calendar – instantly add all key 2024 dates to your Google or iCal

Plan your 2024 by the planets with our complete 2024 Horoscope book for all 12 signs (AKA “the big book”) PLUS a custom-designed spiral-bound planner to help all Libra star signs navigate the year ahead. A special, private astrology journal that’s all your own!

2024 Daily Horoscope Planners - All

Libra readers will get:

  • A full 2024 Libra forecast and all the important dates in one easy-to-navigate book
  • Easy monthly at-a-glance planning! Forecasts and hotspot dates organized by month
  • Flip-through calendar pages for the entire year with room to jot down notes
  • Daily moon cycles and planetary transits to guide you safely through the whole year
  • New and full moon crystals and ritual ideas

Bonus — included with your Libra 2024 Horoscope Planner:

  • The PDF digital version of our full 2024 Horoscope “big book” with forecasts for every sign
  • Digital Astro-Calendar: An “add to calendar” tool that populates your Google and/or iCal with all the key dates to look up forecasts anywhere you go

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