Metal Picture Frame (for Zodiac Prints)

The perfect frame for your risograph Zodiac Print!

  • High-quality 12×16 metal frame
  • Includes mat, sawtooth on back, wall hook for hanging
  • Four color options: black, gold, rose gold or  silver

Homeforia – 12×16 inch Metal Picture Frame – 12 x 16 Aluminum Photo Frames – 12×9 Mat – Tempered Glass – Wall Hook Included

  • Framing Made Easy! Removable acid-free mats make these frames even more adaptable: this frame is matted to fit a 12 x 9 image, and it measures 12×16 with the mat board removed. Give your art a professional touch.
  • Classic Design! Because of its classy appearance, you’ll be able to enhance your photos easily and transform them into true artwork. These frames make whatever you framing feel professional without braking a bank for a custom frame.
  • Extremely safe and durable! Because we use tempered glass fronts glued to the frame, you will get a picture frame five times stronger than the standard glass one! This helps protect images from day-to-day dust, dampness, and damage.
  • Easy to hang! Sawtooth hangers on the back of the frame and wall hook provided allow for quick and easy mounting in portrait or landscape display. Back loader clips keep your images in place- just swivel side to side when you wish to take your print out.

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