Romance Reset 2023

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Virtual On-Demand Course

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Put outdated love stories to bed and write an inspiring new one!

The AstroTwins guide you through this 5-step virtual experience to flip your relationship scripts during Venus retrograde. Tap into the power of Venus’ eight-year cycles, explore your natal Venus sign and learn future-proof new relationship models in this transformational course.

Perfect for every relationship status—whether you’re single, in a LTR or anything in-between

24/7 lifetime access—includes guided worksheets and exercises

Mobile and desktop-friendly: tune in from any device!

Throw away your relationship script…it’s time to write a new one!​

Tired of trying to fit your evolved self into an old, unfulfilling relationship model?

Do you wish you had the courage to speak freely about your desires—and more clarity about what those even are?

Want to bring fun back to dating and relationships?

Let’s put those old relationship models to bed…and write an empowered new love story!

We’ll show you how — by tapping into Venus retrograde and the power of Venus in Leo.

Venus, the planet of love, is retrograde from July 22 until September 3, 2023. It’s the perfect time to create a new chapter of your love life. In this guided on-demand course, you’ll complete Venus retrograde with a brand-new outlook on relationships, whether you’re single, committed or anywhere in between!

Venus, the planet of love, is retrograde in Leo July 22-September 3, 2023. It’s the perfect time to create a new 8-year chapter of your love life (yes, really)—guided by the stars.

In Romance Reset, you’ll get 5 guided, on-demand videos to help you transform your approach to love and relationships. Do them in a week or at your own pace!

This course is for anyone who wants to make their own rules for love, rather than following inherited scripts, patterns and models that don’t honor the complexities of modern life or have room for your ever-evolving identity.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or somewhere in between, Romance Reset will guide you through Venus retrograde—leaving you transformed and empowered!

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