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    Pocket Products with Courtney Foster Donahue

    Calling all course creators! Pocket Products™ is a quick workshop and tutorial bundle to help you create a fast cash injection into your business while growing your audience. Simultaneously! Go…
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    Romance Reset

    Tired of playing a one-dimensional role in your relationships? Do you keep attracting the same kind of person, but can’t figure out why? Let’s put those old relationship models to bed…and write an empowered new love story! Our Venus retrograde course will transform your approach to romance and partnership.
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    The Jupiter Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Luck, Abundance and Risk-Taking with Your Jupiter Sign Welcome to Jupiter, the most hedonistic destination in the solar system! Here,…
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    The Lunar Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Emotions, Desires & Self-Care with Your Moon Sign Come on in for a lunar landing! If the tide is high…
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    The Mars Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Motivation, Lust & Leadership with Your Mars Sign Welcome to Mars, where the air is charged with passion and excitement.…
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    The Mercury Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Communication, Mobility & Social Life with Your Mercury Sign Choose your own adventure…and don’t just settle for one stop. Welcome…
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    The Neptune Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Dreams, Healing & Boundaries with Your Neptune Sign Dance on over to Neptune with us, where life is a waking…
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    The Pluto Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Transformation, Investments & Bonding with Your Pluto Sign Passion! Intrigue! Seductive allure! You’ll find all that and more on this…
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    The Saturn Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Resilience, Wisdom and Power with Your Saturn Sign In astrology, your Saturn sign represents your ambition, leadership and stamina. It’s…
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    The Uranus Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Liberation, Innovation & Community with Your Uranus Sign Welcome to our Planetary Pocket Course, the Uranus edition. In this mini-course…
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    The Venus Code

    Unlock the Cosmic Keys to Wealth, Beauty & Love with Your Venus Sign In this course you’ll learn:• How to find Venus in your chart•…