2022: Plan It By the Planets Webinar (Replay)

The AstroTwins' yearly masterclass covers the most important transits, dates and trends of 2022 and how they'll shape the next year of your life. Plus: predictions for every zodiac sign for love, prosperity and happiness! Watch the replay of the live event here.
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  1. Hello there!!
    I participated in the live webinar plan it by the planets. It was awesome. I missed the one last year and I was so excited to be able to join you both live this year!! It was the best webinar!! I really enjoyed every part of it. I have your 2022 book and I have been obsessed with reading it everyday. It is filled with great information. I am your fan for life. I read my daily horoscope and find it very useful. I just love being one of the first members of the Galaxy. It is s great place to ask questions and be heard. I can’t wait for your next webinar.