Pocket Products with Courtney Foster Donahue

Calling all course creators! Pocket Products™ is a quick workshop and tutorial bundle to help you create a fast cash injection into your business while growing your audience. Simultaneously!

Go one step beyond free lead magnets and create a single-topic course with Pocket Products™, created by one of our favorite course creation expert, Courtney Foster Donahue.

The Pocket Products™ formula works for any type of business—brick-and-mortar or online, products-based or service-based, coaches or consultants, local or global.

If you’re tired of slow-grow, low ROI strategies that tell you to grow your audience before you even make a buck in your business, then Pocket Products™ is for you.

If you’re gearing up to create and launch a course, but you don’t know who you’d sell it to or even how to get started, then Pocket Products™ is for you. Make money on a short, single-subject class that you can put together in less than two weeks. Even better? You can use this course to build and nurture an engaged audience at the same time.

If you’re an existing course creator or expert and you just want or need a quick cash injection in your business, then Pocket Products™ is also for you!

The Astrotwins are affiliates for Pocket Products™ which means when you grab a copy of this workshop, you help not one but two small businesses (three if you count your own). So thanks! #WinWin

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