How to Get Along with Anyone


…Yes, Even That Person!

Tired of dealing with “difficult” people? Help has arrived! Get the ultimate guide to astrology and compatibility, summed up with sweet simplicity. Understand your partner, boss, child, parent, love interest…and why you’re in each other’s lives. The AstroTwins reveal simple secrets of astrology and compatibility—and explain why any two zodiac signs can get along when they know what makes the other one tick. If you’ve ever wondered why you click with one person but can never break the tension with someone else, this eye-opening book reveals why.

Learn the 7 secrets of cosmic compatibility.

You know that one person who can push your buttons like nobody else in the world? No matter how enlightened you are, every interaction with them reduces you to a frustrated mess.

Then there are your kindred spirits, the people with whom you just instantly click. There’s no need to explain yourself; it’s like you’ve known each other for lifetimes. (Surprise: maybe you have. )

Understand your boss, partner, coworker, children, parents and friends—with The AstroTwins’ simple secrets to compatibility.

Studying and practicing astrology for almost 20 years, we’ve come to believe that everyone is in your life for a reason. And that reason is encoded in the angle between your signs.

Astrology is based on angles (called “aspects” in astro-speak), each one creating a unique interpersonal dynamic.

We wrote this guide to help you understand WHY. Why are these tear-your-hair-out, frustrating relationships in your life? We say it’s because there’s something for you to learn. The suffering and friction and conflict…well, it ceases to be as big of an issue when you understand that person’s purpose in your life on a karmic/soul level. You stop trying to change them and you quit pretending to be someone you’re not. You can say, “This is what I’m dealing with here. Do I accept it or not?” The power is back in your hands.

Learn our time-tested secrets for getting along with ANYONE…yes, even THAT person.

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