Supercouple: The Book 

Learn the astrology method we taught Beyonce and the cast of Amazon Prime Video’s Cosmic Love!

Supercouple: Astrology Secrets for a Sexy, Soulful & Satisfying Relationship with Any Zodiac Sign

Did you know that in astrology your relationship has a zodiac sign? It’s created by blending both of your birth charts into one high-powered composite we call “the Supercouple Chart!” It’s the key to unlocking the magic of your connection—with any zodiac sign.


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Picture this: It’s an idyllic, cloudless afternoon on the California coast. High wedding season. The Sun hovers above the placid Pacific as the last notes of “Pachelbel’s Canon” waft into the briny air… READ MORE >

Supplement your Supercouple book with our guided audio companion, narrated by the authors, to understand the issues that go along with every planet in your Supercouple chart. 

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