Book Excerpt: Introduction

An exclusive excerpt from The AstroTwins’ book Supercouple

Picture this: It’s an idyllic, cloudless afternoon on the California coast. High wedding season. The Sun hovers above the placid Pacific as the last notes of “Pachelbel’s Canon” waft into the briny air. You shift in your folding chair for a better view of your friends who are holding hands under a resplendent arch.

The officiant clears their throat and begins:

We are gathered here today to legalize the stressful, disappointing and monotonous future of Hunter and Jamie. To recognize the death of their hope and the crushing reality that life will not live up to what they’re dreaming it will be. Hunter and Jamie, do you take each other as partners and co-pilots, driving down this road together blindfolded? To blame and berate…take for granted and neglect…to resent and regret, ‘til disgust or divorce do you part?”

Outrageous as it sounds, so many modern relationships devolve into a version of this. When life inevitably serves us the tough stuff, we feel lost in the middle of a stormy ocean without a map or a clue. So we keep soldiering through, hoping it will get better, while the magic slowly dissipates.

Here’s the thing: You don’t choose a partner to have an average or boring life. No way. No thanks. Your hopes are infinitely higher than that.

You pair up to make magic—to achieve the #couplegoals that keep your connection alive as you face life together as a team. You do it to feel sexy and magnetic and happy for years to come. Maybe even to become that enviable, inspiring duo that makes everyone wonder how your spark is still blazing after all these years.

You want to beat the statistics, not become one.

You want to be…a Supercouple.

A Supercouple is created when two people blend their energy and the alignments give them new superpowers that they didn’t possess on their own. They don’t “become one” or water down their personalities. Rather, a third entity forms.

A Supercouple is a thing unto itself—a fusion, a hybrid, something greater than the sum of its parts. As our friend Matthew says, it’s when “1+1=3.” Magic.

Don’t we all want more of THAT in our relationships?

We started to notice this desire in our clients, who would ask us to read their astrological charts—then, with a sheepish tone and a slight pleading look in their eyes—wondered if we might just take a teensy peek at their partner’s chart too.

From there, the truth serum poured out: The embarrassing issue they couldn’t get past. The fear of ending up with the wrong person, being unsure if they were settling or if they were expecting too much. The frustration of having the same argument again and again and…again.

Lucky for all of us, astrology has a special tool called the Composite Chart, which blends any two birth charts and turns them into a greater super-entity, which you’ve probably figured out by now we call the Supercouple.

Sometimes, getting past stubborn relationship blocks isn’t about “I want this” and “they want that.” Compromise fails because one or both of you can’t bend on a core value—not that you should. Because what happens if you do? Resentment, distancing, contempt and all the relationship killers take hold. Couple goals: canceled.

What if, instead of trying to speak each other’s languages, you had a third dialect that both of you learned? A level playing field, where neither one of you had an advantage because you were both mastering the steps to a whole new dance.

Good news: You’ll find this new relationship approach in the Composite Chart.

The Composite Chart—AKA the Supercouple Chart—is the instruction manual to your relationship. It literally reveals who you and a partner can become together.

As astrologers and matchmakers for three decades, we’ve used the Composite Chart to help our clients navigate the stormy plot twists, to keep the spark sizzling, to get through communication meltdowns, affairs, midlife crises and wild uncertainty.

If you’re considering a commitment and wondering about its potential, the Supercouple Chart can be SO empowering. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to answer, “What am I getting myself into?” before you tumble completely head over heels down the relationship rabbit hole?

We discovered how powerful a Composite Chart can be back in 2003, thanks to…Beyonce.

Here’s the story: We were backstage at the Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel, doing astrology chart readings for a parade of celebrities. Slated to perform at the Billboard Music Awards, these megastars were trotted through a lavish swag room, treated to luxury merch and pampered between rehearsals.

A doe-eyed singer in jeans and a sweatshirt sat at our table and introduced herself: Beyonce, a Virgo. It was her first astrology reading, and she was extremely curious. Beyonce was still part of Destiny’s Child and had just done a couple of breakout hits with Jay-Z, “03 Bonnie and Clyde” and “Crazy In Love.” Rumors swirled that the two had chemistry outside of the music studio, too.

After telling Beyonce all about HER chart, Tali winked and asked, “Would you like us to do a compatibility chart for you and…a certain someone?”

A guilty grin spread across her face: “Yes!” After Beyonce called her mom and Jay-Z to collect birth times, we made her a Composite Chart—a 60-page document eked out on our portable printer—and explained the highlights of her Supercouple connection with that Sagittarius “rocafella.” The next day, Beyonce gushed that she stayed up late reading her Composite Chart and found it “fascinating.”

Now we’re not taking credit for Blue Ivy Carter or the Lemonade visual album or anything that happened after that moment. But we CAN attest to witnessing Beyonce’s relief and excitement when she learned there was a map to help her decide whether dating that edgy guy from the Brooklyn projects was a good idea for a wholesome Houston girl like her.

Fear not: Supercoupling doesn’t require celebrity status or a portmanteau like Bennifer or Billary or Brangelina. It’s a state of mind, not just a status. It starts with the willingness to explore a higher-octave energy than you can individually emit, to enter that “third space” where your energies lock into place.

Supercouples can be twin flames, lovelorn soulmates, people who live happily ever after. Supercouples also break up, cheat on each other or become platonic after years of being romantic.

Human drama happens. Life forces you to evolve. You might be together for a reason, a season or a lifetime. But when a Supercouple IS united and doing what they do best, they’re a spiritual force of nature.

There’s no “right” way to be a Supercouple. There’s only a desire to tap into the cosmic code of your connection.

Every single one of us has Supercouple potential. It’s activated when we come together around a common goal. Business partners can be Supercouples. Family members can be Supercouples (as twins, we know this well). Friends and creative collaborators can too.

Being a Supercouple simply means allowing the chemical compound of your shared energy to take shape. As you learn about every single planet in your Composite Chart through this book, you’ll understand your shared mission and superpowers, and how you can play to their strengths.

If so many of us WANT to have an extraordinary “relationship unlike any other,” then why do long-term couples have such a relatively low success rate?

Maybe we’ve just been using the wrong equation to measure relationship “success.”

Maybe we need permission to finally stop shoehorning ourselves into a “one- size-fits-all” cookie cutter relationship model. (“One size fits none” is more accurate…)

With this handbook to your Composite Chart, you have new tools and techniques at your fingertips. You can recalibrate after a fight and even after a betrayal. Supercouples can find “new relationship energy” long after your nest has emptied, or you pee with the door open, or you sleep in separate rooms because one of you snores.

Think about it: We’ve got tools to enhance every other part of our lives. We biohack our health with supplements and stem cells. We raise our spiritual vibration by meditating and manifesting and microdosing. Our homes hum with “smart” devices.

Supercoupling is the silicon chip that can bring your relationship into the Information Age. When you have your Supercouple Code, you can dial into it anytime.

Let’s start now.

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